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Latest News - Last Updated 10/10/2013

Watpac 180 Ann Street Brisbane 10/10/2013

Specialised Concrete Pumping QLD have commenced Pumping for Watpac at 180 Ann Street. Due to room limitations we are controlling the High Rise Skid pump remotely and dropping concrete from podium to the floor below. All controls and operation are done with remote access and Live CTV viewing.

The Pump is compeletely isolated from workers and interaction. An Electric Pump is used which emliminates a large ammount of Noise and Fumes.

We are Pumping through to our 50m Schwing DVMK50 Placing Boom


Ella Appartments South Yarra 10/10/2013

Specialised Concrete Pumping VIC will be kicking off Ella Appartments with A 28m Schwing Seperate Placing Boom will be powered by a BP3000 Skid Pump.


John Holland and MACDOW Springvale Rd and Mitcham Rd Rail Seperations 10/10/2013

Specialised Concrete Pumping VIC have commenced Mobile pumping Operations for the Mitcham and Springvale rail seperations wich will take the new rail line underground.


Josh Thompson from SCP CSTC QLD Apprentice of the Year 2012 22/08/2012
The construction Training Skills Centre of QLD has held on Friday the 17th of August its annual Trainee and Apprentice of the Year Awards.
We are proud to support Johsua Thompson who was nominated and finished Runner up for Dogger/Rigger of the Year.
Congratulations to Johsua and thanks to CSTC, Nikita Lake and Virgina Simcoe for their help with our apprentices throughout the year and for the enjoyable night.
cstc QLD

Northern Territory. Briggs St Appatements 21/08/2012
The Northern Territory Branch has expanded its skill set by introducing a new method of concrete delivery. A KVM 23 Seperate Placing Boom supplied by Specialised Concrete Pumping to assist completion of the Briggs street Appartments in the heart of Darwin.
It is sittiing on a Cruciform and 12 metres of tube and will be able to climb with the building as it progresses to completion towards 13 levels and 10,000 m3 of concrete.



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